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Security and safety are essential elements in the majority of organizations. The events of 9/11 brought down an important awakening on the subject.

The assets of a company must be protected, just like the personnel which represents the greatest value of an organization.

What are our points of weaknesses? Where are we vulnerable? Who can trie to take it out on our organization?

As many questions which deserve clear answers and a constructive action plan.

The carrying out of a vulnerability, risk and threat analysis will make it possible to draw up the strong points but especially the weak points of the organization. This study will also make it possible to imagine methods being able to secure the work places, the personnel and the assets.

This analysis must be carry out in several situations, including:

  • Risk management study.
  • Establishment of an Emergency procedures plan.
  • The preparation of a contingency plan.
  • The preparation of an administrative and operations changing plan.
  • Extraordinary and specific situation lived by the organization.

The analyzes of the collected information allows us to imagine and to conceive various measures which your organization could take to be protected it self against incuring risks.

Is your workplace protected?

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DateAff=AfficherMois(5);document.write(DateAff);  20, 2010
The C.S.S.S. of Lac-Temiscamingue chosen Toxyscan for the management of its WHMIS program and the training of his staff.
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DateAff=AfficherMois(3);document.write(DateAff);  22, 2010
City of Richelieu entrusts the implementation and the management of its WHMIS program to Toxyscan
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DateAff=AfficherMois(11);document.write(DateAff);  15, 2009
The Centre regional de readaptation Le Ressource joint many customers of the healthcare network using the Toxyscan services.
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