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The latest technology in the management and the follow-up of your WHMIS program

The establishment of a WMHIS program in an organization represents a rather important burden. When the setting up is completed, the follow-up starts and it is often at this time that the things become complicated.

The follow-up of the WHMIS program requires much time and energy on behalf of the manager so that he can make the follow-up of the updates of the material safety date sheet (MSDS) of the products in hands.

These updates require that the manager contact the suppliers of the products whose MSDS are out-of-date, that he checks the information and that he carries out the updates in the handbooks of the various services. This task represents, in much case, several work hours per month and it is this element which makes the WMHIS program is put a side, little by little or, in some cases, abandoned and this, in spite of the obligation that confers the Occupational Health and safety Act.

Toxyscan inc. offers you several solutions for the management of your WMHIS program.

  • The Toxyscan software in a new and more powerful web version.
  • The creation of MSDS for the manufacturers of chemicals.
  • The creation of MSDS for the internal products.
  • Translation of the MSDS in three languages (French, English, Spanish).
  • Simple and inexpensive training formations allowing you to offer safety to your personnel and to conform with the legislation.
  • A MSDS publication module dedicated to the manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of chemicals products.


With the coming into effect of GHS (new WHMIS), you will be even more occupy with your WHMIS. Do not wait the new legislation since the Toxyscan software is already ready for the GHS.

Futher more, the passage of the current WHMIS towards this new GHS will be done carefully, without worry and additional expenses.

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DateAff=AfficherMois(5);document.write(DateAff);  20, 2010
The C.S.S.S. of Lac-Temiscamingue chosen Toxyscan for the management of its WHMIS program and the training of his staff.
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DateAff=AfficherMois(3);document.write(DateAff);  22, 2010
City of Richelieu entrusts the implementation and the management of its WHMIS program to Toxyscan
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DateAff=AfficherMois(11);document.write(DateAff);  15, 2009
The Centre regional de readaptation Le Ressource joint many customers of the healthcare network using the Toxyscan services.
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