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Dangerously reactive materials are defined as being chemical products being able to react violently under certain conditions, for example, when they are exposed to light, heat, vibrations, extreme temperatures, etc.

Their reaction can result in a fast decomposition, a liquefaction, a vaporization, a violent exothermic reaction, a deflagration, a detonation or an explosion.

Here are known examples of reactive and explosive materials are:

The handling and the disposal of these materials are highly dangerous operations which require a safe and professional supervision. Moreover, these materials are regulated by federal laws.

Handling or operation which does not observe the minimal safety conditions can lead to serious events or accidents. The personnel undertaking the action, as well as the personnel of the organization and the customers, can undergo severe consequences which can lead to the loss of life because of the mismanipulatin of those dangerous products.

Safety, the protection of individuals and the respect of the environment are the main motivations of the company and partners, which are highly specialized in the field of the dangerously reactive materials handling, neutralization and the explosives.

We have a solid experience implying dangerously reactive materials such as Metal azide. Several interventions of safe extraction and neutralization were carried out with professionalism and effectiveness.

Our operations of safe extraction and neutralization were qualified by the authorities of extremely safe and outstanding professionalism. The success of each one of these interventions is the proof.

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The C.S.S.S. of Lac-Temiscamingue chosen Toxyscan for the management of its WHMIS program and the training of his staff.
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City of Richelieu entrusts the implementation and the management of its WHMIS program to Toxyscan
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The Centre regional de readaptation Le Ressource joint many customers of the healthcare network using the Toxyscan services.
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