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Nowadays, the environment is an important component of life. We must protect it and avoid creating situations being able to compromis it.

Among things which can and must be done to protect the environment, there is the management of dangerous chemical waste.

All the public or private organizations, which are industrial, commercial or institutional, use chemicals products.

Chemicals are used in sanitation, in buildings maintenance, in production of goods and the water treatment. Chemicals products are also used in certain processes or certain in internal receipts. In short, there is everywhere.

Within those situation, it is imperative and required by the Environmental Quality Acts not to throw away these products, to recover them, to re-use them if possible or to destroy them safely.

To achieve these goals, the organizations must set up a dangerous chemical waste management program, in conformity with the laws and regulations.

This type of program is relatively complicated and it is easy to get lost.

We are able to help you to set up this program and manage it thereafter.

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DateAff=AfficherMois(5);document.write(DateAff);  20, 2010
The C.S.S.S. of Lac-Temiscamingue chosen Toxyscan for the management of its WHMIS program and the training of his staff.
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DateAff=AfficherMois(3);document.write(DateAff);  22, 2010
City of Richelieu entrusts the implementation and the management of its WHMIS program to Toxyscan
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DateAff=AfficherMois(11);document.write(DateAff);  15, 2009
The Centre regional de readaptation Le Ressource joint many customers of the healthcare network using the Toxyscan services.
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